Meet the Faculty & Staff

Elementary Teachers

Erica Aamot
Erica AamotPreschool Teacher
Carleen Walsh
Carleen WalshKindergarten Teacher
Jane Macfarlane
Jane Macfarlane1st Grade Teacher
Renee Cavanagh
Renee Cavanagh2nd Grade Teacher
Quinn Murray
Quinn Murray3rd Grade Teacher
Deporhal Denmark4th Grade Teacher
Monika Dempsey
Monika Dempsey5th Grade Teacher

Middle School

Marie Amicci
Marie Amicci 6th SS, 6th & 7th Religion, 7th and 8th Art
Katy Meyer
Katy Meyer6th Homeroom & Spanish, 6th, 7th & 8th Science & Health, 7th SS
Stephanie Hussey-Pack
Stephanie Hussey-Pack7th Homeroom & Spanish, 6th, 7th, & 8th ELA, 8th SS
Mary Catherine Sewell
Mary Catherine Sewell8th Homeroom, Spanish & Religion, 6th, 7th, & 8th Math, 7th & 8th Tech

Speciality Teachers

Terese Wagner
Terese WagnerMusic
Mary Haluska
Mary HaluskaPE - PK-8th
Katy Meyer
Katy Meyer Technology Coordinator/Coach, Technology teacher for 6th

Support Staff

Laura LaFrance
Laura LaFranceMonday & Tuesday - Kinder Assistant, W/Th/F - Pk - 6 Art & Lit Music
Elizabeth Kelley
Elizabeth KelleyLibrarian & Classroom Support
    Sue Krigbaum
    Sue KrigbaumPreschool Assistant
      Collen MontoureW/Th/F - Kindergarten Assistant
        Paula Klingman
        Paula KlingmanClassroom Assistant
          Melissa Halton
          Melissa HaltonClassroom Assistant
            Wendy Aguilar
            Wendy AguilarLunch
            Lisa Hauer
            Lisa HauerLunch
            Jaime Juvenal
            Jaime JuvenalMaintenance

              Extended Care

              Lisa HansonExtended Care


              Fr. Maxy D'Costa
              Fr. Maxy D'CostaParish Priest
              Erica Pyne
              Erica PynePrincipal
              Mary Haluska
              Mary HaluskaVice Principal
              Miss Leslie McDowell
              Miss Leslie McDowellSchool Secretary
              Teresa Yohn
              Teresa YohnDevelopment Director
              Anne McCoy
              Anne McCoySchool Accountant


              Fr. Maxy D'Costa
              Fr. Maxy D'CostaParish Priest
              Anne McCoy
              Anne McCoySJA Accountant