Mission & Philosophy

SJA Mission Statement

Saint John the Apostle Catholic School
is a diverse community, centered in Christ,
partnered with the parents,
committed to preparing the whole child for a lifetime of learning and service to others.


SJA Catholic School recognizes the spiritual, academic, physical, and social emotional diversity of each student and of all humanity. The learning environment is rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. This philosophy for students of SJA is accomplished through:

Social/emotional development – SJA students are expected to respond to the community through self-discipline, self-confidence, compassion and commitment.

Spiritual qualities – As one in Christ, Saint John the Apostle students learn how to glorify God and grow spiritually through loving service.

Academic attributes– In an environment grounded in Catholicism, students become life-long learners who are articulate, creative, and knowledgeable problem-solvers, critical thinkers and decision-makers.

Physical countenance – Being made in the image and likeness of God, SJA students are led to respect the uniqueness of their bodies and the bodies of others as temples of the Holy Spirit.

Student Learning Expectations

A student of St. John the Apostle Catholic School is able to:

Model Catholic beliefs by:
• Learning what the Catholic Church teaches and why.
• Using Catholic Church teachings to make choices.
• Respecting and caring for God’s people and creation.

Display responsibility for learning by:
• Exhibiting willingness and motivation to learn.
• Applying learning to new situations, while using critical thinking and questioning skills.
• Effectively communicating in a variety of forms.

Communicate understanding kindness and compassion toward others by:
• Seeking peaceful resolution to conflict while accepting ownership.
• Showing safe, respectful, and responsible community membership.