Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO represents all parents and teachers with its main objective to promote the welfare of the school and to be supportive to the pastor, school advisory council and principal in school activities and service.

Each family is asked to sign up for fundraisers that the PTO will be sponsoring throughout the school year. These activities provide an opportunity for getting to know our school community as well as bringing in the needed funds to keep our school operating. Parental involvement is an important element in the development of the SJA community.

Parents can sign up during the first month of school to be on the PTO committee for the year. The committee is a collaborative team with no one person in charge. The duties are divided and shared as needed each year.

Erica Pyne
Teresa Yohn
Development Director

Betsy Fallon
Rachel Kaminski
Delaney Kenney
Cindy McCarthy
Dawn Pierce
Jenn Smith
Deanna Swant
Angie Woods