Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

Subsidized Tuition Rates 2018 – 2019


One child            $ 6,079
Two children      $11,655
Three children   $15,895
Four children     $17,087

Pre-K, 4 year-old only**

5 days   M-F full day     $6,079
3 days  MWF full day    $5,643
2 days  T TH full day     $4,878

Total Cost of Education 2018 – 2019


One child            $ 8,250 ***Tax Deduction $2,171
Two children      $15,997 ***Tax Deduction $4,342
Three children   $22,408 ***Tax Deduction $6,513
Four children     $25,771 ***Tax Deduction $8,684

Pre-K, 4 year-old only**

5 days   M-F full day     $8,250 ***Tax Deduction $2,171
3 days  MWF full day    $6,946 ***Tax Deduction $1,303
2 days  T TH full day     $5,746 ***Tax Deduction $ 868

*Preschool is a separate operation. No family discounts for preschool with K-8 siblings.

**Discounts for preschool: 5% for second preschool child.

*** Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether your donation is tax deductible in whole or in part.


Registration Fee: $295 per family due at registration.

Technology Fee: $150 per child

Middle School Fee: $100 per child

Financial Aid

St. John the Apostle tuition assistance funds are available to all of our families, K-8 who cannot pay the full tuition cost. Funds are also available for Catholic families from the Archdiocesan Education Fund. You only need to submit one application to FACTS Grant and Aid for both of these funding sources.

Once FACTS evaluates your application, they will forward their results to the diocese and to SJA Catholic School.  After the diocese makes their award decisions, the SJA Tuition Assistance Committee will make their decision.

To be considered for financial assistance, families are required to complete a FACTS application. Check the admissions calendar for the application deadline. Tuition assistance is awarded in June.

Paying Tuition

There are three billing options to pay tuition for the 2018-2019 school year.  We have contracted with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition.  Apply online.

Billing OptionsMonth DuePayment Dates
Semi-AnnualJuly & December5th
MonthlyJuly-June1st | 5th | 10th | 15th | 20th




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